Installation Costs Split System

Split System Air Conditioner Installation Costs

The cheapest installation method for installing a split system air conditioner is known as a “BACK-TO-BACK” installation. See below for an explanation and diagram of back-to-back installation. Essentially there are two determining factors with back-to-back installations, hence two price variations.

1)  3.5KW and under (bedroom air conditioners)

2) over 3.5KW up to 9KW (lounge, living areas air conditioners)

The main difference in price between the two is that large units require a separate electrical circuit to be run from the main electrical switchboard and small units can be connected (in most cases) to an existing power circuit.

The costs below are for a Single Story low-set Home:

1) Small Split Systems – up to 3.5KW =   $550.00
2) Large Split Systems – over 3.5KW up to 9KW =   $700.00

(larger units require separate electrical circuit back to switchboard)

These prices* are fully installed, including electrical (purchase price of the unit is not included).

What is a BACK-TO-BACK split system air conditioner installation?

A split system has two main parts, the indoor head unit and the outdoor compressor unit. In the back-to-back installation method, the indoor head unit is positioned inside on an external wall and directly beneath it on the outside is the outdoor compressor unit with the pipework and electrical interconnectors running neatly in PVC ducting between the two parts.

The installation price includes:

  • Slimline PVC Ducting to conceal the pipework electrical connection.
  • Separate hard wired new electrical circuit from switchboard to air conditioner and new 20 amp circuit breaker for larger units. Up to 20m internal roof cable run (switchboard must have sufficient electrical capacity and room for another circuit)
  • Weatherproof safety isolation switch mounted near outdoor unit
  • 1 years workmanship warranty
  • Back-to-Back is deemed to be installation with an approximate 2.5 meters of pipework route length between the head unit and the outdoor compressor unit. Greater distances are at an additional cost.
  • Two storey homes are an additional $100.00 on top of the standard back-back prices.
  • All work is carried out by ARCtick Certified Tradesman and Licensed Electricians

The majority of lowset brick and tile homes would normally be a standard back-to-back installation.

I have listed below the common variables and extra costs that a non-standard installation may cost.

To discuss your installation and get a fixed price quote please contact us – 0431488229.

Additional installation requirements

Sometimes a more customised and complex installation maybe requested or required for your particular home. It’s important to think of the permanency of your air conditioner installation and general appearance of your home once it’s installed. For instance, mounted on roof or wall brackets, mounted away from outdoor entertaining areas, front entry, windows, gardens, even existing gas cylinder installation.

Additional pipework, ducting, bends, electrical cabling and labour is required in these situations. We always provide a fixed price quote before we commence any work so you know exactly what your installation cost will be.

Some additional costs to consider if you have a more complex installation.

  • Wall brackets fitted up to 5KW – $65.00
  • Wall brackets fitted over 5KW – $75.00
  • Roof bracket mounted air conditioner – $180.00
  • Extra pipe work, ducting, electrical and labour over standard installation, external – $55.00 per meter.
  • Extra pipe work, ducting, electrical and labour over standard installation internal (run in ceiling cavity, under floors etc) – $40.00 per meter.
  • 90 degree internal bend – $15.00
  • 90 degree external bend -$15.00
  • Flexible duct bends – $15.00 ea
  • Drain pipe per meter – $2.50
  • Drain pipe Right angle bends – $5.00
  • Drain pipe in ducting – $30.00
  • Side entry pipework (Head unit mounted on internal wall with pipework entering through side) – $110.00
  • De-gas and remove existing air conditioner units – $150.00


Most of the air conditioners we recommend and supply have a 5 year parts and labour warranty. We offer an industry  standard warranty for our installation of 12 months covering electrical materials, components and workmanship. And 3 months warranty on refrigerant gas.

*Prices subject to change without notice. Teams and conditions apply and is subject to final site evaluation.