Exit & Emergency Lighting


Emergency/Exit Light

Did you know that you are required by law to have and test regularly exit & emergency lighting systems? Do not take a chance with such serious matters: avoid serious liabilities and fines by having, maintaining and testing adequate exit and emergency lighting systems in your building(s).

Following are some lighting regulations on test and maintaining Exit & Emergency lighting systems:


Requirements of AS2293.2 –

Emergency Lighting Testing & Inspection

Australian/New Zealand Standard™

Emergency escape lighting and exit signs for buildings

Part 2: Inspection and maintenance

The Standard sets out the periodic inspection and maintenance procedures which are necessary to ensure that emergency evacuation lighting systems will be in a state of readiness for operation at all times. It applies to central and single-point emergency lighting systems, as defined in AS/NZS 2293.1.

The Standard instructs that all Emergency evacuation lighting systems shall be inspected and maintained in accordance with the relevant procedures specified in the Standard and that the inspection and maintenance procedures shall be carried out only by persons having qualifications and experience suitable for this type of work.

  • All maintenance records must be in the form of hard copy record tags or log books. Electronic copies may also be used.

Six Monthly Tests

  • All emergency luminaires and exit signs shall be checked to ensure that they function satisfactorily. Any defective lamps shall be replaced and a match of lamp technology and lamp colour must be used.
  • Where manual discharge test facilities are provided, the following procedure shall be carried out to check the operation of the emergency lighting system:
    • Turn the battery charger off, simulate a mains failure and carry out a partial Discharge test at 100 percent of the installed emergency lighting load. Allow the test to continue until the operation of all emergency luminaires and exit signs has been checked, this test must meet the AS2293 requirement for a duration of 90 minutes
  • After tests have been completed the tester must restore the system to normal operation, turn the battery charger on and recharge the batteries of each fitting.
  • Where automatic discharge test facilities are provided, a visual check shall be made of the operational status of all emergency luminaires and exit signs by means of the indications given at the controller or associated indicator panel.
  • Those units which fail the discharge test must be either repaired and restored to normal condition or replaced.

Twelve Monthly Tests

  • As for the six monthly tests and
  • Inspect fittings and clean reflective surfaces as necessary.


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