Worried About Excess Power Usage ?

Save EnergyWe regularly get asked by customers why their power bills are so high, and what they can do to reduce them.

The size of your power bill is mostly influenced by :

  • A billing mistake
  • A high estimation of your account, unable to access meter board
  • One of your appliances isn’t working properly, e.g. fridge has broken seals
  • The age (and efficiency) of the equipment
  • A new appliance
  • Unusual weather thereby using more heating or cooling than usual


Type of Equipment


Heating and cooling accounts for 40% of household energy use, making it the largest energy user in the average Australian home.

Heating water accounts for 21% of the energy used in the average Australian home

Lighting in homes consumes 8-15% of the average household electricity budget

On average, household appliances and equipment account for about one-third of household energy use

Equipment Efficiency

Older appliances tend to use more power than modern, more energy efficient devices.

Choices about purchases of whitegoods (refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, clothes dryers and dishwashers) and equipment for pools and spas (pumps and filters). Appliance choices can be informed by the Energy Rating Labelling Scheme and Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme, which allow comparison of different appliances by a star rating. The more stars, the more water or energy efficient the appliance. However, size is also a factor: a large 5 star model may use more energy or water than a small 4 star model. The label includes total energy or water consumption figures, alongside the star rating.


How it is used

Typically, if you leave a device turned on all the time, it will use more power

How to reduce your power usage

Replace lamps throughout your home with LED’s

Replace older appliances

Have your electrics checked

Turn off appliance at night

Have your Appliances Checked

We can conduct a power usage test of your home or business – Contact Us for more information